My 5 Favorite Online Boutiques

Online shopping is something I’ve had a problem with since I got a debit card my sophomore year in high school. I had that card number memorized after two weeks of having it, and two cards later, could still recite each one. I’m embarrassed, but I’m also a little bit proud. So, since I’m a self-proclaimed online shopping expert, I’ve cultivated a list of 5 of my favorite places to online shop. Because, if my bank account is going down, I’m taking you all down with me.

  • Clad and Cloth– This store is probably my favorite to shop at right now. They offer free shipping and free returns (no minimum!), and their whole vibe is right up my alley. I also never feel overwhelmed when I shop here, because part of their mission is to have quality products over quantity. Everything is adorable, but the one downside is that they do run out of certain pieces kind of fast.

Love Letter Top $42 // Gingham Peplum $28 // Embroidered Girlfriend Jean $128

  • Roolee– This store isn’t exclusively online; if you live in Logan, Utah, they have a store near you! Lucky gal. In terms of what they carry, they’re pretty similar to Clad and Cloth, maybe a little more on the conservative side. They even sell some home stuff.

Serengeti Top $35 // Bordeaux Stripe Blouse $35 // Dempsey Jumpsuit $43

  • Ivy City Co.– This is an online only boutique started by two friends. The clothes are cute and affordable, and they typically have the best accessory section out of the stores on this list, in my experience.

Vintage Sweatshirt $38 // Gwenyth Eyelet Dress $48 // Makayla Turtleneck $26

  •  Nest Boutique– Nest is another one on this list that also has a store in Utah. I’m not from there, and I’ve only been there once, I really don’t know why I’m so drawn to these stores. They also have a home section, just like Roolee, and carry other brands like Free People.

Simple White Top $27 // Dreamer Embroidered Top (featured) $35 // Drop Disc Choker $25

  • Framed In Jade– This store is slightly more expensive than the others on this list (by an average of probably like $5) and doesn’t offer free shipping until you hit $100 ( :/ ). They do, however, give 10% off for signing up for emails (Also I think I recognize some of these models from other stores on this list? Must be a Utah thing??)

Kate Top $43 // Elm Street Dress $52 // Michigan Sweater $48 (on sale)

All of these stores are very similar in the look of their clothes (can you tell I have really set-in-stone taste?) and they all remind me of Anthropologie, Altar’d State, Free People, and (a more conservative) Urban Outfitters. Just less expensive!

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