Closet Staples for the Lazy Girl

Lazy, Homeless, whatever your parents call you when you walk downstairs before going out to dinner, here are the clothes that are going to make your wardrobe look a little more put together. Minimal effort required.

(featured image from Etsy)

1. Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are my favorite thing to wear with leggings and a loose t-shirt. I have two right now- one oversized from American Eagle and one slightly more fitted one that I plan to put patches on and embroider a little bit. They’re super versatile, warm, and trendy without being too much of a fashion statement.


AEO Denim Boyfriend Jacket $70 // Bagatelle Embroidered Denim Jacket $50 //

Denim Jacket Patches to Add (Floral) $8.50


2. T-Shirts: White, Striped, and Fun

T-shirts are the lifeblood of my wardrobe. I’m not huge into tank tops and I like blouses for special occasions, but on a regular day there’s an 80% chance that I’ll be in one of these. The first one from Gap is THE BEST WHITE T SHIRT PERIOD END OF SENTENCE. I mean that. It looks great, lasts a really long time, and fits like a glove. The other options here are also ones I’ve tried and loved. Clad and Cloth is a great place to get shirts like these from- not too pricey and really cute basics. The third option is just cool because it says Support Your Local Girl Gang, and you should.


Gap Modern Crew Tee $20 // Clad and Cloth Stripes for Days Tee $36 //

Support Your Local Girl Gang Tee $16


3. White Sneakers

I own the first and third options here, and highly recommend them. The Nike pair are really comfortable for walking long distances in and make your calves look small because they’re a little thicker. The middle pair from Vans were my second choice when I was picking a new pair of white sneakers, and I’ve heard are really great too. And then Converse, which everybody will eventually own a pair of at some point in their lives. Mine are two years old, and disgusting, but I like ’em.


Nike GTS Sneaker $48 // Vans Old Skool Classics $55 // Converse $55


4. Good Jeans: Boyfriend, Skinny, and Boot Cut

Jeans are my favorite thing to buy and wear. I like to invest in them (and by that I mean around $100, not something crazy like $250) because they fade slower and last way longer if you don’t get them from, like, Forever 21. American Eagle is a great place to get on trend jeans that you may only wear for a season or two, and are where the boyfriend fit example are from. I own these and they’re super comfortable and cute, just go a size up. The middle pair are my favorite pair of jeans I own, and I’ve restocked now three times. That’s like 6 years of brand loyalty. They’re high waisted, a great color, and the fit stays perfectly through the wash. The last pair I also own, and are just a good fit for when you want to be comfortable but not leggings-comfortable. Boot cut jeans are actually making a comeback, though, so these might turn into a trend pair.


AEO Mom Jean $50 // Bridgette Skinny Jean $70 // Sofia Boot $70


5. Booties

Booties are an addiction of mine. I have brown, taupe, and black all in heeled and no heel. I wear the heck out of them throughout the fall, spring, and winter, so I always tend to shell out a little more than usual so that they last. They go great with leggings, skinny jeans, and dresses.


Lucky Brolley Bootie $90 // Unisa Zali Bootie $60 // AEO Desert Bootie $60


6. Loose Cardigans

I could fill a whole closet with just my cardigans, I own so many. I love how soft they are, that you can just throw them on if you get a little chilly (which I always do unless it’s like 90 degrees outside), and how easily they can make an outfit just a little cuter.


Out From Under Greyson Cardigan $60 // Gap Open Front Cardigan $100 (now 40% off) // H&M Cardigan $70


7. Simple Accessories

I really only have four accessories that I wear, and I wear them every day. It’s a disc necklace, a brown leather watch, and a pair of sunglasses (because I don’t want eye wrinkles and you shouldn’t either!!!!) Sometimes I switch them out, like a black watch and a silver necklace if my outfit is more that color palette but basically this is as far as it goes for me.


H&M Wristwatch $20 // Disc Beaded Necklace $25 // Sunglasses $16


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