10 of My Favorite Beauty Products

I am by no means a beauty expert- I can do my makeup two ways (neither are particularly impressive) and my hair two ways (curled and straight). I also have pretty bad skin, and have been through the gamut of skincare products. That being said, I’m extremely loyal to products that I find work for me, so I’ve made a list of makeup and skin products that I recommend and have been using for a year or more.


Bare Minerals is a super trustworthy product if you have not-so-great skin like me. It’s a little expensive, but they both last pretty long and won’t make you break out, which I think makes paying the difference between drug store brands and these worth it. The concealer will cover up just about anything and the foundation goes on really nicely and leaves you with a natural looking finish.

I just get the travel size when I buy this because it typically lasts me the amount of time you’re supposed to keep mascara for (which is 2-3 months [I think]). I love how this looks because it gives you both volume and length without looking too over-the-top, but you can definitely get a more dramatic look by adding more coats.

This palette is super straightforward, easy to use, and comes with a primer. I stick with the lighter colors (dark eyeshadows make me nervous to use) but they’re really pretty, have good pigment, and last a long time. I’ve had a Naked palette and I like this one better, probably because I’m not good enough at makeup to use the Naked well.

I highly recommend using a face primer before putting on foundation. I used to not, and my makeup didn’t stay on nearly as well as it does when I use this stuff. Plus, it just looks generally better by the end of the day. This stuff is pretty cheap, doesn’t make me break out, and controls shine. Well done, NYX!

Skin Care

This stuff works best when you use both the toner and the face wash, which kinda sucks because it’s not cheap. However, it works very very well for problem skin, and I’ve always been more than willing to pay a little extra for products that are going to clear my skin up best. Also, if you go through the Derm Store (linked) they typically have pretty good discounts you can add on.

Again, expensive, but holy cow this stuff is incredible. If you have cystic acne it’s 100% worth it to buy this product. Put it on a bump and by the morning I guarantee it’ll either be smaller or gone completely. I can’t recommend this stuff enough.

Cheap, easily accessible (if you live near a Trader Joe’s, if not this is an Amazon link), and works well. Next.

Hear me out, hear me out. And first read this article. I know Vaseline looks and feels like something that could be a disaster for problem skin (thick, gooey…) but it’s one of my favorite things to use. All you have to do is put it on your acne scars at night and within a couple of weeks, if you’re like me, they’ll start to fade. The molecules in Vaseline are too big to clog your pores, so all it does is traps moisture in to quicken up the healing process for your scars. Amazing!


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