Work Appropriate Trends that Caught My Eye This Week

You can do some serious people watching by walking around the heart of Washington, D.C. From the Metro, to Georgetown, to Capitol Hill, the styles will range from a woman in a pantsuit to a college kid wearing ripped jeans and a bralette. Most businesswomen in this town aren’t too concerned with fashion or being up on trends, however every once and a while you’ll see a look that strays from the typical black trousers-on white button up-on black blazer, and it stands out.

Here are three trends that I’ve seen a lot of recently, and how I plan on wearing them:

1. Paper Bag Pants

really like this trend, because these pants look super comfortable without sacrificing that business casual look. I would wear these with a more fitted or structured blouse, because a looser top might make the outfit look a little frumpy. Make sure that if the blouse has any detail it’s on the top, like with buttons, rather than the bottom, because these pants already have a tie waist. I’d also pick a lighter color for the top to soften it up a little bit, like white, blush, or baby blue. For shoes I would do either loafers, for a more “tomboy” look, or heels to look more polished.

Depending on where you work these could be seen as a little more on the casual side, so you might have to keep them on hold until Friday rolls around if your office does that.

Gap Factory Pants $30 // H&M Paper Bag Pants $34 // ASOS Linen Paper Bag Pants $40

See it as an outfit with: 

(ADD: Michael Kors Flex Pump $100 //Madewell Central Shirt $65)

2. Loafers

These are coming back to trend and commuter women everywhere can not stop thanking baby Jesus for it. Loafers are known for being a comfy, sensible option but in the past have been seen as super masculine. The tomboy look is in these days so it isn’t surprising that loafers are coming in hot with it, and I’m really excited. I’ll be wearing this brown suede pair with a navy pant and a grey sweater t shirt, because I love neutrals. Accessorize with a long necklace or a statement necklace to add a feminine touch.

Franco Sarto Loafer $35 // Gap Loafer $70 // Madewell Elinor Loafer (featured) $160

Combine these two together for: 

(ADD: BR Basic Cami $50 [+40% off right now] // Olivia Moon Blazer $47)

3. Bell Sleeve Tops

I’ve been seeing these a lot lately and think they’re a cute “girly but not too girly” office look. The only issue I see is those big sleeves getting in the way when doing desk tasks, but that may just be me. I’m a fan of the black, and would wear it with grey cropped trousers, silver fine jewelry, and black heels.

J Crew Factory Bell Sleeve Shirt $30 // Banana Republic Stripe Bell Sleeve Top $54 //

Bell Sleeve Poplin Top $39

See it as an outfit with: 

(ADD: Cameron Slim Crop Pant $75 // Michael Kors Flex Pump $55)

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