Darling Magazine: Pro-Women and Empowering

This past semester I was introduced to a magazine called Darling by a friend of mine. She had a bunch of lists taped to a wall in her bedroom with resolutions inspired by the magazine, and a cute little copy sitting on her coffee table. I was curious, so when I got home I took a look for myself.

If you go to their website or buy a magazine you’ll see empowering articles aimed at helping young women better themselves as well as their understanding of the world. You’ll also see a bunch of models who have yet to be re-touched. Women with cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars, and fly aways. It’s also the most aesthetically pleasing magazine I have every owned; I mean it, stick one of those babies in a magazine rack and you’ll look very ~trendy and cool~.

“Darling Media is dedicated to exploring the complexities of “the art of being a woman.” Free of shallow or negative messaging, Darling acts as readers’ all-in-one psychologist, best friend, career advisor, personal stylist, and travel agent to redefine female-driven digital, social, and print content. Darling Magazine challenges cultural ideals of beauty and questions its exaggerated importance by using models of all sizes and by becoming the first magazine to not retouch women’s bodies or skin in photos.” –Darling Magazine

The magazine is divided into 8 sections: the Intellectual, Hostess, Dreamer, Confidant, Stylist, Explorer, Beautician, and the Achiever.  In the Achiever section, they are articles about women in STEM fields and women going through grad school. In the Stylist section, articles about trends and dressing confidently . I recently posted a page on my blog about different goals that I have for the year divided into these same subsets, and it’s a really neat way to categorize your life!

In this magazine you’ll find articles about mental health, politics, car maintenance, food recipes, on-trend clothes, and exercise tips. It’s one of the most expansive publications I have ever encountered, and while I have read opinion articles that I disagree with (as does anybody who has an opinion who reads anything) I can not reiterate this enough, that every bit of it is pro-women (and intersectional, too!). Not really something I can say about all women’s magazines.


I’m a proud owner of two editions of this magazine and I can personally attest to the fact that it lives up to it’s promise to “redefine female-driven digital, social, and print content.” Magazines like Darling hold a platform that more women should buy into, because unlike more mainstream media outlets, this one is positive towards women, their bodies, and their intellect.

Here’s a list of my favorite recent articles from each category:

So check out this magazine! It has changed so much about how I see myself and other women and I promise that after a few minutes of browsing you’ll be just as obsessed as I am! The physical copies of the magazines are pricey, $20+shipping. Digital copies are only $5 though! And if you’re like me and you love the pretty in-person magazines, you can get older editions at a discounted rate.

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