Where to Get Coffee and Tea in Washington, DC

Read the title out loud, it rhymes! I LOVE coffee, especially when it comes from somewhere other than Starbucks or some other oversaturated chain brand. Not that there’s anything really wrong with Starbucks, I just prefer supporting local roasters, and in a place like D.C. they are everywhere. I also typically find that these places are cheaper, have a better vibe for studying in, and use better coffee that doesn’t require a stupid amount of creamer to taste good. Win, win, win.

Each metro stop name is color coded according to which color line it’s located on. Happy coffee drinking!

1. Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse- 201 F St NE

Metro Stop: Union Station

Hours: 7AM-9PM on weekdays, 8AM-9PM on weekends

Ebenezer’s is right next to Union Station which makes it really convenient if you work at the capitol or in that general area. The coffee is really good, and it’s usually not super packed. They’re also open pretty late which is good for post-work coffee if you have some more work to get done.


2. Compass Coffee

Metro Stop: Gallery Place, Shaw-Howard U

Hours: 6AM-8PM everyday

Compass coffee is a D.C. favorite because it comes with a cool storyline. Two former marines started the local chain after they discovered coffee in different countries that tasted good without syrup or creamer added in. Once they got out of the Marines they set out to bring exotic brews and flavors back home to the U.S.

This place is always pretty calm on the weekdays and a little more crowded on the weekends. They play good music, the baristas are always super nice, and the coffee is delicious.


3. The Coffee Bar

Metro Stop: Farragut North, Shaw-Howard U

Hours: 7AM-6PM on weekdays, 7:30AM-7PM on the weekends

This is my favorite place to study because it doesn’t get too busy, and the little bar that overlooks the street is really cozy. It’s not that big, so it doesn’t get too loud either. Good chai, good coffee, good music.


4. Peregrine Espresso

Metro Stop: Eastern Market

Hours: 7AM-7PM on the weekdays, 8AM-8PM on the weekends

I can’t go on enough about the tea here. They give you a whole pot which ends up pouring about three cups, so it’s a really good deal. They also have one of the most delicious chocolate-banana muffins I have ever tasted. This place is a little more of a commute for me, so I don’t go as often as I do the other places, but when I do I’m never disappointed.


5. Thirty Fifty

Metro Stop: Dupont Circle

Hours: 7AM-7PM on the weekdays, 8AM-6PM on the weekends

The walk to thirty fifty is probably my favorite part about going to it. You get to see a bunch of foreign embassies, people are always out with their dogs or their kids, and it’s just an all around very pleasant part of D.C. Plus, Dupont Circle is covered in awesome dinner and lunch places, so if the pastries here don’t fill you up you can always get food after.

The coffee is amazing, and it stays pretty quite because it’s so small. The pastries here are a little more substantial than at most coffee places; they sell quiche and have approx. 50 muffin options depending on when you go. There’s also really nice outside seating if the weather is good.


6. La Colombe

Metro Stop: Gallery Place

Hours: 7AM-7PM on the weekdays, 8AM-7PM on the weekends

If you ask a D.C. native what their favorite coffee place is, chances are this is going to be where they point you to. They’re scattered all around downtown D.C. and serve some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. They have a kinda small selection of pastries, which bums me out a little when I’m staying for a long time and get hungry, but all in all it’s a really great place to go.

If you have a favorite coffee place in D.C., let me know! I’m always up for suggestions and I love exploring new places and tasting new coffee.


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