First Day of Fall Goals

Ok so the first day of fall was like two days ago, sue me. Hopefully that isn’t a sign of how this season is going to go, fingers crossed!

This fall is a really special one for me, and I say that at the risk of sounding way too cheesy, but this really is a big three-months. I’ve been settled in to D.C. for five weeks now and I finally feel really at home in the city. HOWEVER, my classes are also starting to get really crazy and so is my internship. This has led to some stress this week, which has been dealt with through online shopping. I gotta stop doing that, living here is expensive as $h!t. I’ve also been struggling with prioritizing my life here.

“I’m in the city! I want to see things and do things and not spend all my time studying! But I’m also here to do just that and to get valuable work experience that’ll make me more marketable in the future and I’d really regret a huge blow to my GPA if I slack off!”

You see my problem? Hm.

So here are my goals for this season, hopefully they work out, and hopefully I can get my life together a little bit more within the following couple of weeks.

Closet staples for the lazy girl (12).png

There ya have it. Who wants to take bets that I only get half of these done? If you said yes have some faith in me, that’s rude.


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