What I Want and Bought: October

Here’s what I want to buy next month, and what I bought this month. This month I was doing a really good job of not spending too much, that is until I had a particularly stressful weekend (literally the SECOND TO LAST WEEKEND OF OCTOBER) and I lost it. Spent like $150 in one night, I’m not proud. That being said, what I got is pretty cute so I’m not too too mad. Whatever, hopefully next month I can have some restraint.

What I Want: November

Wool Coat

Boucle coat $180 // Grey coat $220 // Wool Trench $300 (a girl can dream)

Grey Sweater

Grey sweater coat $54 // Zip back sweater $43 // Balloon sleeve sweater $70

Black Sweater

Wool turtleneck $60 // Mock neck sweater $52

What I Bought

This Moleskin knockoff notebook // Mud mask // Gap ankle pants // Button up top // Booties // Tie Front Top // Bone turtleneck

The notebook is something I’m weirdly excited about, because it’s really similar to those super expensive Moleskin notebooks but like, half the price. And it feels like it’s pretty good quality so far. I’m a fan.

The face mask was something I got after I finished my pot of Glam Glow because I didn’t feel like paying another $60 for more. This one had really great reviews and seems to be doing just as good as a job, plus it’s bigger and you use a lot less to cover your face. You don’t get the Glam Glow benefit of seeing the mask sink into all of your pores (which is gross and awesome) but it still does the whole detox thing.

The pants were because it’s starting to get cold here up North and I needed an alternative to my navy pair. They were on sale, the only problem is I have to size up in order for the pants to fit my thighs which means they don’t fit my hips and I’m too lazy to find a tailor here. Eh. The lilac top has been a really good purchase for my needs. I’ve worn it with jeans, work pants, and with a skirt and blazer for a more business-professional look. The shoes were an impulse buy, but are cute so I don’t feel super guilty about them. The tie-front top was also an impulse buy, might get returned, might keep it, we’ll see when it comes in and I can try it on. The sweater is something I’ve been wanting for a while (or something like it) so imagine how stoked I was when I found it for $24!


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