What I Wore, Want, and Bought: November

This month I didn’t really wear anything that I thought was cute enough to take a picture of and post to this. So really the November edition of this post is just going to be What I Want and What I Bought. Which is potentially going to be a bummer for me because I really overspent this month.

The what I want part of it, however, is going to be fun because it’s the holiday season! Snaps for Christmas time. I’ll make a separate post of what’s on my wishlist this year (spoiler alert: it’s money. Ya girl is going overseas.) Tis the season ladies and gents.

2017 Gift Guide (7)

What I Want

Glasses $22 // Skirt $48 // Sweater $40

These non-prescription, light filtering glasses. Yes I’ve had these on my list before, but I had to return the last pair because I overestimated the size of my head. Live and Learn.

This midi skirt from ASOS. Is so cute. I feel like once it gets a little warmer, maybe around March, I could wear it with booties and a sweater to take a break from wearing jeans all winter. Yes this is a very in-advance want, but whatever, I’m ahead of the game.

This wrap sweater from ASOS. I used to think wrap sweaters were weird- why does it need to have a tie on it? Can’t you just cut it all from one piece of cloth and sew it up like a normal person? Now I think they’re really cute though and I want one. I’ve been needing a black sweater, so might as well kill two birds with one stone.

What I Bought

Rain Booties ($55) // Mascara ($12) // Coat ($160) // Button Up ($50)

These Lucky Brand Rain Booties were one of the more practical buys from the month. I knew that my tall Hunter boots were way too big to take to London with me, so instead I opted for some short, no-heel, rain booties. I love these because they don’t even really look like rain boots, and they’re super comfortable.

I also had to stock up on Better Than Sex Mascara, because my eyelashes were starting to look pretty rough using the remnants of my last tube. I prefer getting the travel size because it lasts me about the time you’re supposed to keep mascara for. Saves money.

I got this Express Wool Coat in a Large, and had to exchange it for a Medium. Typically I’m a large in coats and a medium in tops, but this one was sized so that you would have extra room for layering in your normal size. So waiting for that to come in still, but I can not wait because it is starting to get CHILLY here in D.C.

This Madewell Long Sleeve Button Up was just a fun purchase, and I’m really glad I got it because it’s really cute.


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