2017 Gift Guide for the 20 Something Girl (Under $50)

There’s nothing worse than getting caught with your pants down when one of your friends hits you with the good ol’ “When do you wanna exchange gifts?!” text. And maybe you had the best intentions. It’s not that you didn’t want to get her a gift- no, you just had no idea what to get her! Maybe she’s that girl who literally has everything and any additions would get her on that hoarding show. Maybe she’s a little brand obsessed and her Christmas list would cost you an entire paycheck. Or maybe, as much as you love her, you have no clue what she likes. Which is a weird moment of realization to have about a friend. But horrifyingly common, nonetheless.

Those people (definitely not based on real life friends of mine…) are why this list exists. I’ve gone through too many years of having not a clue of what to get even my best pals, but this year I really hunkered down in advance and figured out some crowd pleasers that everybody will love.

2017 Gift Guide (19)


Swell Water Bottle

I bought one of these about three years ago, and it’s still in perfect condition. It really does keep anything hot or cold, almost to the point where it’s like “alright, jesus, I need to drink my damn tea without burning off my tongue please.” They’re sleek and pretty and everybody loves them- Just not everybody feels justified paying for them. Get this for literally anybody.

Blue option ($25-$45) // Wood option ($25-$45)

Tassel Earrings

At first I thought these looked weird but now I’m super into them. They’re so cute and perfect for the holidays. The options I chose are from three under-50 price ranges, and honestly I love them all equally. Get these for your trendy friend!

Red option (Bauble Bar, 8 Colors, $48) // Champagne option (3 colors, $21) // Gold option (2 colors, $13)

Wine Glasses

Everybody loves a good wine glass. That is, unless your friend doesn’t drink. Then maybe skip this one. Or if she likes to drink her egg nog out of a fancy glass, read on! When I think of wine glass sets I think the extra-er (?) the better. Use those boring plain glasses for when you’re drinking all by yourself (or just use the bottle???) and get these for your friend who loves to entertain. 

Set of 4 Dot Flutes (Kate Spade, $34) // Set of 2 Copper Wine Glasses ($40) // Set of 4 Iridescent Stemless Wine Glasses ($40)

Something for Her Kitchen

I don’t really love cooking, but I like for my kitchen to look like I’m a hybrid of Martha Stewart and the woman who founded Sprinkles Cupcakes. And, nothing makes you look like you’ve got a handle on things more than having a dope coaster set. Get one of these for your friend who loves to cook (or just wants to trick people into thinking she does.)

Cutting Board ($38) // Coaster Set (7 colors, $40) // Cake Stand (2 colors, $32-$48)

The Volcano Line from Capri Blue

This is the best smelling line of products I have ever smelled, hands down. Capri Blue has a cult following for their Volcano line, and it really is not that hard to figure out why. I have yet to find somebody who doesn’t love the smell of these products, and because of that, this really could be a gift for anybody. But, some people like a good candle after a long day more than others, so get these for your friend who loves to pamper herself. 

Candle ($28) // Diffuser ($32) // Spray ($24)

A Blanket

Blankets are probably the most basic thing you can get a person for Christmas. Next to those fuzzy socks you can get from Target. But just like fuzzy socks, nobody will turn down a good cozy blanket, and they’re a great thing to have once the weather starts getting chilly. Get one of these for your friend who loves to stay in and get ~cozy~. 

Plaid option (3 colors, $10) // Heated option (10 colors, $20) // Faux Fur option ($43)

A Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are another one of those gift-giving-staples. Even if your bud isn’t a huge coffee or tea drinker, you never know when they’ll have friends over and they’ll want a *hot beverage* and your friend will want to impress their friends with their cute mugs but oh wait they have to pour the coffee in a red solo cup because that’s all they’ve got!! The horror!! I have seen this happen!! That scenario qualifies coffee mugs as a great gift for anybody, but more specifically (and probably appropriately) get this for your friend who loves coffee or tea.

Pink and gold option ($26) // Coffee Before Talkie ($16) // Embossed option ($23)

Gift giving is hard, especially when you’re giving to someone who’s as picky as some of my friends are. But never fear! The above options are serious crowdpleasers that your twenty-something bud will love. Happy holidays!

2017 Gift Guide (19)

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