What to Pack for Your Spring Study Abroad Trip in London

I’ve started to get REALLY excited about going abroad, and my favorite outlet for excitement is planning and making lists. That sounds so lame written down. This is my packing list that I’ll go off of when I start choosing what comes with me to London. I’ll be going during the coldest time of year, and it won’t really start warming up until March or April. Because of that, I’m taking a lot of boots and jackets. Although, London is notorious for having unpredictable weather, so I’m also planning on layering a lot.

2017 Gift Guide (24)

Pack it all in

1 large rolling suitcase

1 carry on duffle

1 backpack (good quality!)

*Even though you’re going to be allowed to take two giant suitcases, you’ll thank me when you’re lugging all of that to your flat or dorm if you only take one! Also, make sure you have a smaller duffle that can act as a carry on when you travel.

To Make Things Easier

Vacuum seal bags for sweaters and bulkier items

A travel scale to keep your bags under 50 pounds

Organize everything with suitcase cubes


4 long sleeve blouses

3 short sleeve blouses

4 t-shirts (Black, white, grey, printed)

2 turtlenecks

3 sweaters

Denim button up

2 going out tops (get more cheap ones there if need be)

2 work out tops


Light skinny jeans

Dark skinny jeans

Black jeans

Boyfriend jeans

Going out skirt

2 track shorts


Wool coat

Rain coat

2 Cardigans

1 Sweatshirt


Black crop leggings and 2 full length leggings

Sleep shorts

Sleep t-shirt



Warm and normal socks


Walking sneakers

Rain booties

Heeled booties

Flat booties

Bean boots

Black or Nude heels

Tennis shoes


Brown and black belt






Toiletries (self-explanatory)


Wind-proof umbrella



Cross body purse (that zips!)

For the plane

Customs Necessities


Travel documents

Your study abroad school acceptance letter

Currency for your study abroad location

Prescribed medicine

The address/phone number/directions to your campus

For your long-flight sanity


Laptop + laptop charger

Phone Charger (normal and portable)

Lotion (air cabins get DRY)



Water bottle

A book

A couple of games downloaded on to your phone

Movies or shows

If you’re scared, check out my post about being nervous to go abroad. It’s a big step, but a really exciting one that you won’t regret!!

2017 Gift Guide (24)


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