The Best Coffee Place in DC: Sweet Science

A little while back I wrote a post called Where to Get Coffee and Tea in Washington, DC, and I outlined all of my favorite coffee places that I’ve found during my time in DC. But I have let all of you, and myself, down. I missed one. And not just any one, but the best one.

2017 Gift Guide (11)

Sweet Science Coffee is located in the Adams Morgan Neighborhood. Get off of the metro (red line) and take Culvert street (opposite direction of zoo) down across the bridge, and turn right at the stoplight at the end of the bridge. Follow the curve of the residential road until you hit a commercial strip, and on the sidewalk you’ll see a cute little chalk-sandwich board that tells you to venture down a staircase to find Sweet Science.

*Maybe google maps it because I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if those directions got 100% of you readers lost.

When you go in the doors, you first see this:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Obviously you stop and take a picture. Cliche? Yes. Whatever, get off of your high horse! It’s cute!

Anyway, you walk down the stairs, and if you’re like me, you do so skeptically. Is Sweet Science some sort of code word for scientology? Probably. Or worse, a trendy fitness studio? Please, no. But alas, you reach the bottom of the stairs, open the distressed wooden door (of course) and are transported into a coffee lover’s paradise.

Indie music plays in the background, the barista is wearing a dope turtleneck sweater (you can’t ask her where she got it from because you want to be ~aloof~ and earn her respect), and vintage mirrors, pianos, and study tables are scattered about. They have a sign on the cash-register-ipad-thing that says they wish you’d just get off your damn phones and talk to each other (paraphrased) but they understand that wifi is sexy (ooh) so the password is listed below. How cool of them.

Now you go to order your coffee. I get a house drip, because I’m too frazzled to order anything else, and it was $2. There’s some weird/fancy deal you can order where you like, make the coffee yourself I think? Again, I’m too afraid to ask about it, because everyone else seemed to know the drill. The coffee is delicious, and served to you in a gigantic cup. I make a note to google the coffee making contraption.

With coffee in hand, and an embarrassing itch to walk around the shop with your phone, being “that girl” who clearly only came to this place for her instagram, you find a spot to sit in. Might I suggest a corner booth right next to an absurdly large mirror? Or you can sit up against some reclaimed barn doors (I think that’s what they were.) Doesn’t sound comfy at all but do what feels best. Your options are endless!

The wifi is spotty but you don’t care- they probably did it on purpose because having fast wifi is lame. Also, you know that the password for the cafe upstairs is ‘strawberry’ so you just use theirs instead. You get absolutely no work done, because this place is way too cool to not spend the entire time looking around at all the other cafe-goers, wide eyed like a soccer mom who just sat down at her first PTA meeting. It’s just too cool.

Please go here. This place is dope, the baristas don’t judge you for ordering the cheapest thing on the menu and staying until they close, and the coffee is really good black. Quite the hidden gem!


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