Trends I’m Wearing in 2018

Now hear me out- most of these are not breakthroughs in fashion forecasting. Actually, most of these are trends that started in 2017, but I’m just catching up to, because I am just recently gaining a sense of adventure with my style. 20 years old. Self-assuredness takes longer for some to muster than others.

That being said, these are some trends that I thought were cute last year, but didn’t have the balls to try to wear myself, or didn’t think they’d look good on me. Now, I’ve decided that I don’t give a heck (keepin it PG) about “pulling something off” and will now just wear things that I think are pretty. HaPpY MF’in nEw YeAR!!!!!

2017 Gift Guide (31)

Straight Crop Jeans

These are relatively new on the scene, and are an extension of the mom jean trend. I like wearing these with heeled booties, because it lengthens the leg and makes your calves look slim. Back in the day straight jeans were really in, but I like the cropped aspect because it makes them seem a little more contemporary.



Free People ($98) // Madewell ($128) // Gap ($80)



I am so excited that pastels are coming back this year, because (I hate this) I am a winter and they are very much in my color palette. Baby blue looks the best on me because I have cool undertones and blue eyes, but I love lilac, blush, and pastel green too. I probably won’t be wearing these colors until it gets a little closer to spring because they’re perfect for that time of year, but the baby blue and lavender I might start wearing earlier.



Topshop ($55) // The Stockplace ($42) // Free People ($68)


Big Sleeves

This is one trend that’s slowly taking over my closet. I will caution, big bell sleeves are not easy to eat with. They just dip themselves into whatever’s on your plate. But they look really cute, and are fun to swing around when you’re wearing them. Free people kills this trend because it’s within the boho wheelhouse, it’s just too freakin bad that they’re so expensive. :/



Free People ($78) // Nordstrom ($27- Sale) // Free People ($78)


Plaid/Tweed Skirts

I surprised myself when I decided I wanted a plaid skirt. They’re typically so preppy, which is the opposite of what look I tend to go for. But I love when they’re paired with heeled booties, fun tights, and a cool sweater. Plaid is becoming a lot more versatile, and is making its way into the more relaxed/boho category.



ASOS ($48) // Urban Outfitters ($50) // TopShop ($70)


Fuzzy Coats

(But let’s be responsible consumers and use faux fur ladies it is 2018). I love how cozy these look when they’re oversized, and how boujee they look when they’re more structured and cropped like the middle option. Pair one of those with skinny jeans and a sleek top (satin?) and you’ve got a going out outfit that will make you look fancy as heck.



Urban Outfitters ($89) // Billabong ($100) // Nordstrom ($80)


Off the Shoulder

This is a trend that might even be making its way out (honestly probably not though this 90’s obsession is lasting a while), that’s how behind I am on it. But I have pretty wide shoulders (if I was a guy I’d have made a great lineman) so I’ve always felt self conscious in them. But recently I’ve really been liking my collar bones (?) and there’s no better way to show them off than in an off the shoulder top. So here we are.



Lulus ($26) // H&M ($25) // Nordstrom ($88)

Let me know what trends I missed that you’re excited about! Many fashion magazines have, of course, already released their predictions for 2018 trends. Some of my favorites I found during my ~research~ were Glamour and Popsugar, but honestly they all pretty much say the same thing.

Also, for the record, I think I can confidently say that transparent/plastic coats and wearing multiple purses will not be in my future for this year. But if you can pull that off, please tell me how, and send a picture. I’m so curious. And confused.

2017 Gift Guide (31)


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