Summer 2018 Swimsuit Round-Up (In 3 Price Ranges)

Alright ladies, swimsuit season is here. I know we all see those posts about body positivity in the face of beachy sands and clear blue waters (it looks so nice, but can’t you just wear a morph suit to enjoy it?) but it’s never easy to brave the bare skin.

Every April (or so) I start dieting and working out just a bit more so that I can look good when I go to the pool, and every mid April (or so) I decide it’s not worth it and that I’m too pale to spend prolonged time in the sun, anyway.

But the truth is I love laying out in the sun and I love cute clothes, so I always find it a little more bearable when I have a really cute swimsuit that, even if I ate a few too many chicken nuggets for lunch, I feel great in. We all look like bloated-sodium filled-monsters every once and a while, might as well embrace it.

Here were some of my favorites when I was poking around online.

**a word to the wise** when you’re shopping with CupShe or Zaful (cheap cheap cheap!) always check the reviews for customer photos and to see if the swimsuit is getting straight roasted. You never really know what you’re getting with those budget sites, so proceed with caution.

2017 Gift Guide (26)


Trend 1: The One Piece


1: Cupshe (Cutout) $26 // American Eagle (black plunge) $25 

2: American Eagle (Pink print) $36 // ASOS (Red cutout) $35

3: Urban Outfitters (Striped) $69 // Urban Outfitters (Floral) $72


Trend 2: The Bandeau

1: Zaful (yellow ribbed, set, 6 colors) $17 // Zaful (polka dot, set) $16

2: American Eagle (white, 2 colors) $18 // American Eagle (print, multi colors) $18

3: Abercrombie (seersucker stripe) $51 // Urban Outfitters (double knot top, 2 colors) $45


Trend 3: Sporty

1: Cupshe (light blue, set, 2 colors) $16 // Zaful (light pink scoop, set, 9 colors) $15

2: American Eagle (green scoop, multi colors) $18 // PacSun (gingham) $28

3: PacSun (print) $97 // PacSun (tribal print, scoop) $45


Trend 4: Classic Triangle

1: Cupshe (green frill, set) $23 // Zaful (padded, royal blue, set) $16

2: American Eagle (red macrame) $18 // PacSun (yellow) $22

3: Abercrombie (embroidered) $42 // Urban Outfitters (green frill) $59


Trend 5: High Waisted Bottoms

1: Cupshe (dark floral, set) $25 // Zaful (yellow floral) $17

2: American Eagle (maroon print, 15 colors/prints) $18 // PacSun (gingham) $24

3: Urban Outfitters (blue, 5 colors) $36 // Urban Outfitters (black scalloped, 2 colors) $45


BONUS!: Accessories

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (white ovals, 7 colors) $18 // American Eagle (black cat eyes) $28 // Urban Outfitters (round metal, 5 colors) $16

Cover Ups: American Eagle (striped kimono) $35 // American Eagle (eyelet romper) $44 // Urban Outfitters (nude wrap) $59

Fun Extras: Urban Outfitters (foldable straw beach mat) $34 // American Eagle (Embroidered beach hat) $29 // American Eagle (disco cup) $20

Swimsuit season can always be a little bit daunting, even for the bravest of hearts. But if you have a swimsuit that makes you feel cute n’ fun, then wear the heck out of it and go get your tan on.

Plus, it’s always good to remember that nobody is every paying as much attention to you as you think they are. We’re all a little selfish in that way when we feel self-consious. But, it’s important to remember that even the girl across the pool who is wearing that itty bitty two piece and looks like she’s never eaten a single french fry is probably just as self-aware as you are.

It sucks that that’s the world we live in, but just keep gassin’ up your ladies when they feel a little bloated (ha pun) and remind each other that if Chad from lambda chi sigma phi delta zeta doesn’t like you for your sometimes-eats-cheeseburgers-and-a-milkshake-with-a-large-fry-body, then he and his beer belly can GTFO. Goodbye, and have a lovely summer.

2017 Gift Guide (26)


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