A Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic (On a Budget)

Prague is notorious for being both a beautiful and cheap European city to visit, and the reputation holds up. All of the architecture is under a strict style-code, so the whole place matches, and it sits on a gorgeous, sparkling river.

Prague is also known for having an incredible nightlife, and again, the reputation holds up. If you’re not somebody who likes going out, disregard this. But if you are, I strongly recommend planning your trip so that you have at least one night followed by a free morning to rest and recover. Thank me for that later.

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Busses: As usual, I booked my bus to and from the airport through EasyBus. They always have the cheapest rates, and I love having a really wide range of timing options for getting to and from the airport.

Flight: I was able to find somewhat-cheap flights through EasyJet and RyanAir, although I will say that this was by far not the cheapest flight I booked while I’ve been in the UK.

I got an 8:00AM flight from London Stansted through RyanAir, which put me in Prague at 11:00AM. It cost $68.

For my return, I booked my flight through EasyJet, leaving at 9:55PM and getting in at 11:05PM. It cost $98.

Getting to the city center: You have a decent amount of city bus options for getting from the Prague Airport to the city. A one way adult fare will cost you about $1.50 (CZK 32) and will take about 35 minutes depending on traffic, so this is by far the cheapest option for getting around, although it may take a bit longer.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.16.52 AM.png



Hostel Santini Prague: Located right near the Charles Bridge (so near old town) with a 9.2 “superb” rating on Hostel World and a pub crawl that meets in their lobby on weekend nights! Breakfast, wifi, towels, in-room lockers (no specification on if they provide locks), and linens included. Check in is at 2:00PM and check out is at 10:00AM.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.58.27 AM.png


Art Hole Hostel: Located right in the city center, with a 9.2 “superb” rating on Hostel World. Breakfast, wifi, towels, linens, luggage storage, and lockers (no specification as to if there are locks) included. 18-35 year old age restriction, but no mention of a check in or check out time. 24 hour reception.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.01.10 PM.png


Budget: $275

Transportation: ~$181 ($166 for the flights, $12 for the bus to and from the London airport, and $3 for the bus to and from the Prague airport).

Accommodation: ~$30 (one person/one night)

Food and Activities: ~$65 (Food: $40 [brunch x1, lunch x1, dinner x2, drinks], $25 pub crawl)



Day 1



Most of your morning will probably be spent traveling and getting into the city center, but once you’re there, your first stop should be the iconic Prague Castle. It’s absolutely massive, so you’ll be able to spend a good amount of time just wandering around and taking pictures. Here there’s a vineyard, royal garden, permanent art and historical exhibits, and a basilica. 

Here’s the information for tickets if you want to go inside. There are a ton of discounts (specifically, one for students.)

Inside of the Prague Castle you can find the Golden Lane, a gorgeous cobblestone street filled with colorful houses and cute shops to look around. This is a photographer’s paradise! Here you can get some food to hold you over until dinnertime, and you’ll have tons of options. I recommend dumplings, and if you’re up for it a pint of beer. It’ll be cheap- about $7 for both.

Photo courtesy of Flickr use AreKev




Start your afternoon with a walk to Mala Strana, a historic row of houses and shops. This is one of the most picturesque areas of Prague (I’ll probably say that 1,000 times in this post- but in this case it really is true) and there are shops and places to eat lining the streets.

A close walk from Mala Strana is the John Lennon Wall (a somewhat basic but very classic instagram opportunity). You’ll know it the second you see it because of the bright colors, and the mass amounts of tourists flocking around it.


Now, walk across the Charles Bridge to get to the Old Town Area. The bridge itself will give you a great view of the city and the water, and when the weather is nice the breeze off of the river is a great way to cool off. Old Town is gorgeous, and a great place to just sit and people watch if you’re tired. There are also shops, small art exhibits, and restaurants all over the place, so if you want to walk around there’s plenty to see.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.16.56 PM.png
Image courtesy of Flickr user Dennis Jarivis


Before dinner (and you’ll have a bit of a walk) go to the Dancing House. This is a really architecturally interesting building that you can go to the top of and get a beautiful view of the entire city. There’s a restaurant and a bar at the top as well.

Photo courtesy of Prague.Eu



For dinner, if you like Italian food I highly recommend Pizzeria Pulcinella. They’ll fill you up with delicious pizza, pasta, and wine, and the ingredients are all fresh and delicious.

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor


Next head back to your hostel and ~get *ready* to –go– out~! If you just want to make one stop, you’re going to want to go to the notorious Karlovy Lazne club. It’s 5 stories and will keep you more than entertained all night. A bunch of pub crawls come through, so it’ll be packed with young people and the music isn’t bad either!

If you’re more of the pub crawl type, we did the Prague Pub Crawl and it was awesome. At 550 CZK ($26.90) it’s a little on the expensive side of pub crawls, but the nightlife is so good in Prague that I think it’s worth it. This pub crawl makes sure you get the full Prague experience, and you won’t be disappointed! Just make sure you’re well rested and ready to go beforehand.



Day 2



So hopefully you let yourself sleep in this morning, and now you probably want to go get a hearty brunch before you start your day. Go to Cafe Savoy, where a continental breakfast will cost you about 200 CZK ($9). Depending on the season you go you might need a reservation, so it’s probably smart to call regardless to be on the safe side, but this place is worth it. My breakfast here was incredible.

Next, take a walk through Wallenstein Garden, a picturesque gothic Prague staple that has beautiful grass to sit on and albino peacocks to look at! When the weather is good there are tons of tourists and locals who come here to sit and bask in the sun.

Photo courtesy of Garden Visit


After you visit the gardens, walk to St. George’s Basilica. I love getting to see basilicas around Europe because they’re so packed with history and culture. Compared to the other basilicas I’ve visited, this one is one of the prettier ones. The outside matches the rest of the town perfectly, and on the inside it’s all grey stone and brick with black metal accents.

Photo courtesy of JouTrip



For dinner, go to Kulat’ak, a great restaurant that has tons of food options that are unique to Prague. The beer is amazing (and cheap), so make sure to top off your trip with a pint!

(photos courtesy of Kulat’ak gallery)

Finally, you’re going to want to get back on the airport bus and head home. I would leave 2 hours for this (from your boarding time, not your departure time). 45 minutes for the bus ride, and an hour to be safe getting through bag check and finding your gate.


Prague was a really fun city to visit. Not only is the architecture gorgeous, but it’s filled with young people thanks to the clubs and bars and the food and drinks are both delicious and cheap. My favorite combination!

When I have more time to travel (and money) I hope to come back to the Czech Republic and spend some time in the surrounding UNESCO cities, but for now, this trip gave me a great sneak peek of what the country and the people are like. Thx Prague!

2017 Gift Guide (41)


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