About The Blog

So you’re sitting in a coffee shop near campus (or not, maybe you’re just sitting in your apartment I don’t know), and you come across a Buzzfeed article called “20 books every 20-something woman should read.” You think to yourself, “Neat Read! I’ll bookmark that for later!” only to realize that you turned 20 two months ago and you are now the 20-something that Buzzfeed author was talking about. Welcome to your 20-something life crisis!

I started this blog at a La Quinta in Lubbock, Texas,  in an attempt to document my upcoming few years as a newborn 20-something. The rest I’m going to label as TBD for now. That goes against every article I’ve read about how to write a blog, but who even reads these about sections anyway?

Right now I’m interning on the Hill in D.C. and next semester I leave to study abroad in the UK! Exciting stuff!

I sincerely hope that my endeavors, trials, and missteps will be helpful for those who come across these articles, about to embark on adventures similar to mine. If nothing else, maybe this will help some incoming Capitol Hill intern avoid being under or overdressed to their first day at work, which sounds like it would be terrible. Side note: If this happens to you, please tell me.

Thanks for reading!