About The Blog

So you’re sitting in a coffee shop near campus (or not, maybe you’re just sitting in your apartment I don’t know), and you come across a Buzzfeed article called “20 books every 20-something woman should read.” You think to yourself, “Neat Read! I’ll bookmark that for later!” only to realize that you turned 20 two months ago and you are now the 20-something that Buzzfeed author was talking about. Welcome to your 20-something life crisis!

Created in a La Quinta in Lubbock Texas, Twenty-Something Life Crisis is a public diary of everything I’ve learned in my first year or so of being a “twenty-something”. Much like every other adult, I know very little about being an adult, and am in the painful process of trying to develop my own sense of self before being thrown into the great abyss that is being a girl in her *mid* twenties who has a life and a career (hopefully).

This includes figuring out how to properly dress myself, learning how to control a chronic spending problem, becoming ~cultured~ through my study abroad travels, and developing myself into a professional-enough college graduate, worthy of joining the Great American Workforce. I also promise to never use the word “adulting”.

Now that we’re all caught up, welcome aboard!